Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reykjavik musings

Here are a few random thoughts about my trip to Iceland so far. (No time for un-randomness, my internet time is about to expire!)

Based on my prior experiences, Iceland feels like an amazing combination of Newfoundland (geography) plus Finland (culture) plus an outdoorsy culture plus outer space (more geography).

Skyr is a delicious yogourt-like treat. It's made from skim milk, yet manages to be delicious. It's inexpensive. Prices here are all over the map, even when you compare two different brands of imported chocolate bars I saw in a food store today, one cheap one expensive.

My flight left Halifax at sunset, but it got lighter not darker as we flew north (well, northeast) to Iceland. It was quite something waking up at 4am prior to landing, and it being as bright as 2pm Montreal time. Alas, once on the ground it was a bit cloudier.

Must sign out now, time is about to run out.


Shipbound said...

Have a wonderful time! I really loved Iceland, even though I was only there for a day. I also saw the world's most depressing statue in Reykjavik. See if can guess the one I mean.

Victor Chisholm said...

Thanks James. There were many thought-provoking sculptures in Reykjavik. Do you mean the one, on Laugavegur I think, with two folks facing each other, very close together, but one looking down and the other looking up, and from the waist down in a block of metal from which the rest of them is poured/carved/sculpted? Or is this a comment on Icelandic architecture?

Shipbound said...

Yup, that's the one. I couldn't help thinking it was probably carved in the winter, when no one sees the sun for about 3 months. That would depress the hell out of me too.